Sunday, August 24, 2008

Optimal Health

Q: What are the few basic things you should do to achieve optimal health?


1) As we covered in the previous discussion, a multivitamin is extremely important. They correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can contribute to a number of health concerns. Putting good whole foods into your body is like putting gas into your car. A multivitamin is like changing the oil. It just makes the vehicle run better. Sure, it'll keep running for a while, but left unattended to, you may find it breaking down when you least expect it! A multivitamin is not a replacement for real food. It simply supplies the nutrients that are virtually impossible in today's world to get through diet alone.

2) Cleanse your body. Detoxify. Flush out. Whatever you want to call it. At any given moment, your body is hosting more potentially lethal toxins than a nuclear power plant. These can come from your food ( pesticides, etc.) , air pollution, your water (fluoride, mercury, iron, lead, etc...more on this later), and another big one is the metal fillings you get from the dentist! The main component of these fillings is Mercury! Even today, dentists are still using mercury fillings under the name amalgam fillings. They are not a thing of the past like people seem to believe. Mercury is highly toxic and deadly! Even more so than lead! So, imagine what good having a mouth full of it is doing to your body! (More on this also to follow)
Getting rid of these toxins by doing a body cleanse can help you body function better, rejuvenate your entire being, and reduce your risks for almost ALL diseases and conditions. Later, I will delve further into the specific details of cleansing, benefits and options.

3) Diet. That four letter word. One of the most vulgar in the English language. A word of advice- DON'T DIET!!! It sets you up to fail, making your chances of gaining the weight back a lot greater. Not to mention it's hard to maintain a happy disposition when you're crunching on celery sticks and carrots. Let's first look at the word- diet....notice that it mainly consists of the word DIE. That's a sign of things to come if you are one of those fad dieters. So...instead of going on a DIEt, eat some LIVE foods, meaning those that live in nature i.e. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean unprocessed meats. Live foods are untouched by the human hand or machine until it reaches your mouth. A good rule of thumb for healthy eating : If it doesn't exist in nature, don't eat it. Plain and simple- it's that easy. Now, if you can't skip out to the orchard and pluck your fruit right of the branch or hunt for your own food with your handmade hickory bow, I understand. The grocery is a more convenient option. If you can go organic, you should. They will be free of pesticides, waxes, etc.. If the cost of organic turns you off, regular produce is fine as long as you cleanse it thoroughly.

4) Exercise. Yes, you need to exercise. I'm sorry, but it's true. You can add years to your life and improve your appearance and self -esteem by doing this one thing. You don't have to be Mr. or Ms. Olympia, but move darn it! The health benefits that come from moderate exercise are numerous! More than most people realize! (More on this later)

These are the basic components of simple, natural health. It may seem like a huge adjustment from your current lifestyle, but it is well worth it. After time, it will become a way of life, ensuring you a lifetime filled with happiness and good health! :)