Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shut Up Oprah!

Who doesn't like Oprah? I even confess to secretly indulging in her show if it happens to be on. I am not a die hard fan, but even a non- follower of Oprah knows about her overly publicized weight loss battle. She's skinny, then fat, then skinny, then chubby, etc... her weight yo-yos up and down so often, I am amazed that people are so willing to take her weight loss advice as gold! She is a normal person, so of course she is easy to relate to. She has her weight issues like many other people. But, that is because... SHE IS MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES AS EVERY OTHER OVERWEIGHT HUMAN BEING!!!
I'm sorry this is a bit of a vent, but I am tired of seeing all these people who want, and sometimes desperately need to lose weight and get in shape, not just for the aesthetics, but for their overall health! If I have to hear one more "miracle weight loss solution" from Oprah, so help me God....
Obviously, the woman hasn't gotten it right yet, so think about that before you jump on her next bandwagon for acai body cleansing or whatever crapola she claims is the answer. Here is a little secret- THERE IS NO MIRACLE WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION! Sorry. There simply is not. The reason you cannot lose weight is the same reason everybody else can't lose weight. You are making the wrong choices regarding eating and exercises. It is not a difficult concept. In fact, it is one of the easiest and healthiest changes you can make.
Keep in mind---If you want to lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF, you need to start living a healthier lifestyle.

The only things you need to do for total body transformation are:
1- Eat right
2-Move more
3-Love yourself
4-Realize that only YOU have the power to change your body and your health. And trust me, you DO have the power.

You have to hold yourself accountable.
Often times, people are their own worst enemies, and they don't even realize it. If you don't think you can squeeze in that workout and push yourself, then it is your own fault. If you don't think you have the motivation to stick to a healthy diet, you are WRONG! You are the maker of your own destiny, and after you realize this and begin to take control of your own life and body, you will finally be able to achieve anything!
This is the truest thing I know! 'Cause I've been there. I've been overweight and clueless like 90% of people out there. I've felt I was powerless to control the fate of my own weight and even my very health! Luckily, I stuck to my guns, and thank goodness for a little willpower, I managed to find that "magical solution" which is no solution at all, it is simply to live your best life, and to live it for YOU!

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Acid_Storm said...

I admire you, you sound so confident from yourself , I think you're in everything you said:

1.People is their own worst enemy.
2.We only need is willpower and knowledge.
3.We have to love ourselves.
4.There are no magical solutions.
5.Life objectively have no sense and thus we can die in every minute and find we were nothing but a world weight.

Sorry about that last item, I'm just feeling lethargic.

I like your blog and moreover, you.