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Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are a great, portable way to maintain or gain physical fitness, whether you are on the run or not. They are easy to pack into a suitcase or bag, making them ideal for the busy traveler or business person. Resistance bands are just as effective, if not more so, than dumbbells, because the constant tension involved in using a bad versus a dumbbell puts a constant tension on the muscle- meaning you can't escape!!! It is hard to cheat with resistance bands. They can add a nice little twist to even the seasoned athlete's regimine. There are literally hundreds of various exercises you can do with resistance bands to work every muscle in the body! You can vary the tension or resistance making your workout more challenging, and you can vary the types of bands to change the intensity of it. Listed are a few basic exercises. These are a good place to start if you are new to resistance band exercise, because they hit all the major muscle groups. I found the following excerpt from
It demonstrates the exercise as well as the proper form and motion.

Resistance bands are available in a range of colors that relate to their stiffness or resistance. Color-coding varies between the brands but it typically as follows:

Yellow (thin)
Red (medium)
Green (heavy)
Blue (extra heavy)
Black (special heavy)
Silver (super heavy)

Resistance band squats

Resistance Band Squats
1. Start by stepping on the resistance band with both feet shoulder width apart.
2. Hold the resistance band at shoulder level with both hands. Start into a full squat while holding the band at shoulder height.
3. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Resistance band rows Resistance Band Bent Over Rows
1. Start by placing the band under one foot and stepping backwards with the other foot.
2. Bend over keeping your back flat and stop at a 45 degree angle.
3. Pull the bands up towards your waist keeping your elbows in close together.
4. Squeeze your shoulder blades together when performing rowing motion.

Resistance band chest presses Alternate Lying Chest Presses
1. Lie on your back and place the resistance band under your back and hold the ends with both hands.
2. Start by pressing one arm up towards the ceiling and then return to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm.

Resistance band woodchops Diagonal Woodchops
Starting Position: Loop the band under your left foot and grasp either end. Keep hands together and extend arms down towards left foot.
1. Bring band up and away in a wood chopping motion.
2. During this motion your feet stay stationary and you rotate at your trunk. Repeat this motion for the desired repetitions and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Resistance band triceps extension Triceps Extension with Resistance Band
1. Start by holding the tubing in one hand and placing that hand behind your back.
2. Now grab the other end of the band with the arm that is over your head.
3. Extend the top elbow until your arm is fully extended.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the prescribed repetitions.

Resistance band lunges Resistance Band Lunges
1. Stand with feet hip width apart. Take left leg and step back approximately 2 feet standing on the ball of the foot. Place resistance band under front foot and hold the other end with your hands. 2. Start position: Feet should be positioned at a staggered stance with head and back erect and straight in a neutral position.
3. Lower body by bending at right hip and knee until thigh is parallel to floor. Body should follow a straight line down towards the floor.
4. Return to start position.

Resistance band lateral rows Lateral Rows with Resistance Band
1. Step onto resistance band with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent.
2. Start position: Grasp ends with a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Arms should hang down to sides with elbows slightly bent.
3. Raise band to side of body at shoulder height keeping elbows only slightly bent.
4. Return to start position.

Biceps curls with resistance bands Biceps Curls with Resistance Band
1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and at a staggered stance.
2. Step onto middle of tubing with back foot or both feet.
3. Start position: Grasp ends with underhand grip (palms facing forward) with arms hanging down at sides. Elbows should be close to sides.
4. Flex at the elbows and curl band up to approximately shoulder level. Keep elbows close to sides throughout movement. 5. Return to start position.
6. Remember to keep back and head straight in a neutral position throughout movement. Shoulders should be stabilized by squeezing shoulder blades together slightly - only the elbow joint should be moving.

Now use your imagination! Search the web for more fun and challenging exercises or workout plans you can use when you can't get to a gym, or simply don't have the time. The result will be lean, strong muscles, to support you in all your travels!


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